Company creation is one of the value creation routes for work obtained from academic or clinical research. It should always be seen in the perspective of other possible approaches, with a view to optimisation for co-owners and inventors and the success of economic and societal value creation.

Amongst the fundamental issues around company creation, it is essential to understand that “creating a company” is first, and above all, a human adventure which involves you personally in the long term. It is a complex, demanding and occasionally destabilising path, but one which is also extremely exciting and intellectually enriching.

Inserm Transfert supports the creation of companies with a high ambition for development. It requires the combination of 6 factors for success:

  • a solid team ready to work together in the long term;
  • a distinguished innovation (technology or product) validated by robust pre/maturation against the “due diligence” standards of companies or investors;
  • solid intellectual protection;
  • a market access strategy which is clearly defined and realistic;
  • a proven development plan;
  • a realistic and coherent funding plan.

Inserm Transfert offers pre-entrepreneurship support as soon as a researcher or inventor seeks to become involved in entrepreneurship, occasionally before the very existence of the related technological project. The company sets up a supporting pathway for thinking by the researcher/inventor which is based on the complementarities of its partners in company creation (incubators, investors, etc.).

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