• How can I protect my research and still publish and distribute it?
  • What are the different types of protection (patents, materials, biobanks, databases, cohorts, software, knowhow, etc.)?

Value creation and innovation have been at the heart of Inserm’s missions for over thirty years with a view towards international competitiveness and the visibility of its innovations on a worldwide scale.

Protection of all Inserm’s assets is essential to succeed in innovation transfer. This protection activity preserves the full potential of value creation by Inserm and by its researchers, at the same time ensuring their capacity for publication and scientific presentation.

The protection philosophy developed by Inserm Transfert involves providing opportunity to a maximum number of innovative projects.
This may take the form of invention patents, intellectual property rights on databases, materials (including biological material), know-how or copyrights on software and in, some cases, trademarks. Inserm Transfert also supports Inserm researchers and partners in structuring cohorts and biobanks. The company is involved in making these secure, particularly access to patient data, biological samples and analytical results.

In terms of industrial protection, Inserm Transfert submits a new patent as soon as the patentability criteria have been met. Our experts write the patent application with the researchers and submit it within an optimal timescale.

An important milestone (Go/NO Go) was set up by Inserm Transfert from the time a patent is moved to national phases, the most expensive stage in the life of a patent, which occurs 30 months after the first patent submission.

The priority of both Inserm and Inserm Transfert is to define the best long-term intellectual property strategy and to maintain the quality of the patent portfolio to the highest international standards. Inserm Transfert has trained teams over its fifteen years of experience and, as of 1st January 2017, has a solid portfolio of some 1550 families of patents.

Inserm Transfert’s management and intellectual property activities have been ISO 9001 certified since 2012.

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