• What are the possible approaches ?
  • At what stages in my project ?
  • Who to obtain funding from ?
  • What can I have funded ?

Inserm Transfert supports innovative projects with a view to industrial transfer.  In order to support your projects in their development through the innovation cycle, our teams have methods adapted for projects at every stage of the cycle:

  • access to a maturation package awarded by Inserm and managed by Inserm Transfert teams since 2009.  The maturation packages from SATTs (technology transfer accelerator companies) are also available, and Inserm Transfert works with these in order to optimise maturation and value creation for your project;
    Contact us for more information.
  • a support to setting up a collaborative research consortium for a project call from the European Commission (Horizon 2020, IMI, ERC-Poc), through private funding or through any other channel (PIA, CVT Aviesan etc.) (see project examples)
    Contact us
    for more information.
  • a partnership with a company adapted to your project (see “meeting the company’s” section).
    Contact us
    for more information.

Contact our team. They will be able to guide you towards the most appropriate mechanism for your project.

attentionDo not forget that collaborative projects (H2020, IMI, FUI, PIA, etc.), once accepted, generally require a consortium agreement.  In 2016, Inserm Transfert signed 101 consortium agreements for Inserm.  Setting up a multi-partner collaborative research project requires expertise in intellectual rights protection, the law and business development to protect your interests, those of the unit and those of Inserm.  Inserm Transfert supports you in this stage.  Involvement of Inserm Transfert at the earliest stage in the discussions guarantees optimal quality of service.

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